These rules are designed for safety purposes—–

Please help us to have a successful and fun day!!!!


  1. All fees must be paid and entry forms signed and returned to the parade coordinator by June 28th.
  1. Any antique cars must be at least 30 years old.
  1. Parade entries must be decorated to display an appreciation and a celebration of American freedom.
  1. Parade entries can be no more than 40 ft. long, 13 ft. high and 10 ft. wide.  If you show up with an entry this large, you will NOT be allowed to drive the vehicle through the parade.  No money will be refunded.
  1. No buses or marching units allowed other than the Forsyth County local school bands or Veteran organizations.
  1. Any persons under the age of 16 must have adult supervision on any entry. 
  1. No persons may load floats after the parade begins, or unload during the parade.
  1. Every entry that chooses to distribute candy during the parade is required to have walking escorts on both sides of the vehicle, float or steam engine.  One escort per wheel is suggested.

Escort’s responsibilities include:

   Keep crowds away from the float

   Throw misdirected candy to the crowds

   Keep candy away from the wheels

   Keep spectators away from drivers and float participants

  1. Absolutely no silly string or any other potentially damaging items may be directed toward the floats or the spectators.
  1. All participants must be in the Forsyth Central High School parking lot no later than 9:00 a.m. the morning of the parade.

Entry Cost:

($100 Business Advertisement) ($100 Politicians)  ($50 Float)  ($30 Group or Team)  ($25 Antique Car)  ($20 Antique tractor)  ($20 Horses) ($20 Jeep)
*The parade committee reserves the right to review and approve or reject any entries into the parade

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