Thank-you for your interest in our annual 4th of July Parade.  Please read below where we have tried to answer most of the questions concerning this unique event.  .

1.     What makes up the parade?

The Mayor and his council lead the parade, followed by a representation of our veterans in Forsyth County. 

Being a holiday that celebrates our freedom we feel that our local soldiers and veterans are a key part of the parade. 

Next in the line up comes the Steam Engines.  These are magnificent machines that represent a historical era of agriculture and farming.  A.G. Thomas, Dr. Jim Mashburn, and Dr. Marcus Mashburn, were all avid collectors of steam engines and their family and friends have maintained and added to their unique collections.  The Steam Engine Association proudly displays their antique engines every 4th of July to carry on the tradition Thomas began over sixty years ago. 

Behind the engines comes antique cars, local business floats, county sports teams, and simply a combination of small-town fun. 

 2.     When is it held?

The parade is always held on the actual 4th of July, unless it falls on a Sunday.  At that occurrence, the parade is held on the Saturday before or the Monday after the actual 4th.

3.     How do I get an entry into the parade?

 You can fill out a application on the next page and mail it in or you can scan it and email it to: Cummingsteamengine@gmail.com.

You can also call Cindy Hansard @ 770-887-0516, email: vcww@aol.com, or Amy Webb @webb8206@bellsouth.net

( or Karen Wagoner @ 678-575-3167 (kwwagoner@gmail.com) only for website issues or questions).  

You may also email for information at  Cummingsteamengine@gmail.com

We  usually do not start taking phone calls about the parade until after April 1. Please do not call these numbers for vending information at the fairgrounds.  We only handle parade entries.  Vendors need to contact the Cumming Fairgrounds.

 4.     Where does the parade begin and end?

The official beginning of the parade starts at the intersection of Tribble Gap and Woodland Drive.  Parade entries other than the dignitaries and steam engines line up at Forsyth Central and can be seen coming down Tribble Gap from the high school.  The parade ends at the fairgrounds.

 5.     What time does the parade begin and end?

The parade begins at 10:00 am. And last for approximately 2 hours.  Rain delays are a possibility, but cancellation of the parade is not probable. 

 6.     Are there certain requirements for parade entries?

Please read the rules and regulations to learn about the requirements.  Remember to enter your email address for online payments to receive a receipt/confirmation.

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